Vintage Valentine Ideas

Do you remember when you were little leaving homemade valentine treats on your grandmother’s porch? You would sneak up to the porch, set them down and then knock and run as fast as you could, hoping she didn’t see your mom drive away. Well, we want to bring that back! Here is a great vintage Valentine idea.

What You Will Need for your Vintage Valentine:

Little Bitty Treat Bag


Card-stock Paper




Gummy Candy

Milk Chocolate A’Peels



Let’s get going:

Before we get started, you’ll want to make sure that you cut down your paper to 2.5″ x 3.75″ and staple some ribbon on the top.  Once this has been completed so that your paper slips nicely into your bitty treat bags, then it’s time to melt the Chocolate A’Peels.

The easiest way to melt A’Peels is in the microwave. I melted them on full power for 10 seconds at a time.

After every 10 second interval in the microwave, take the Chocolate A’Peels out and stir them.

It doesn’t take long to melt the A’Peels at all. If you use a glass bowl, the process is shorter because the bowl stays hotter longer. You’ll notice when you are stirring that the Chocolate A’Peels continue to melt from the heat of the bowl.

Make sure that you do not put the Chocolate A’Peels in for longer than 10 seconds on full power. You don’t want it to burn. {For more melting tips check out our FAQ’s: Melting A’Peels.}

Now it’s time to use the Cinnamon Jelly Hearts.

Place the Cinnamon Jelly Heart into the melted chocolate. The chocolate will be used as glue to stick the heart to the paper.

Stick the chocolate-dipped heart to the paper, a little more than half way down.

Let the chocolate-dipped hearts have time to dry.

When the hearts are stuck to the paper, it’s time to get creative! Add a love note to the card before slipping into your bitty treat bag. {Try using the heart in your message: Happy (heart) Day! or I (heart) You! or you can do like we did, and just decorate your paper}.

Once the paper has been decorated, slip it into your bitty treat bag, being careful not to knock the candy off.

Staple the bitty treat bag shut so that your Valentine treat won’t fall out.

Now you are ready. Leave the treats on that special someone’s porch. Knock, and then run like crazy!

Have fun!

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