Chocolate 101 – Learning about and tasting chocolate

10:00 A.M.  Friday November 15, 2014


Chef Jose Lim of Callebaut Chocolate

Chef Jose Lim of Callebaut Chocolate

 Chef Jose Lim has been with Callebaut Chocolate for over 2 1/2 years promoting and becoming an expert in their chocolate. Before Callebaut, Chef Jose Lim spent over 10 years as a Chef Instructor for Le Cordon Bleu where he taught hundreds of students how to turn their passion for food into masterpieces. Jose’s own culinary background comes from the American Institute of Baking, Baking Science and Technology and California Culinary Academy, Pastry Arts. Chef Jose Lim is now coming to Orson Gygi to teach demonstration classes that are truly a must-see. Combining his year of experience with his passion for chocolate his classes won’t be something to miss!

Class Description:

Have you ever wondered the difference between chocolate types? Come as Chef Jose walks you through the different tastes, textures, and ways to use chocolate.


*Please bring your own notepad & pen to take notes and a warm jacket, as the air conditioner will be on for all chocolate demonstrations.



** All of our demonstrations for the Chocolate Extravaganza in 2014 are absolutely FREE to registrants. Space is limited.  We would

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Orson Gygi Chocolate Extravaganza 2014