How To Make Really Black Frosting

How to make icing black.

How to make icing black.

We have customers ask us all the time how they can get their frosting really black.

We thought these suggestions might help you:

  • Start with chocolate frosting. It’s already dark so you won’t need to use as much food coloring if you started with a white frosting.
  • Use a gel instead of liquid food coloring. We carry Super Black Gel Paste.

Need more help? Here’s a few questions that people ask about black frosting:

Will black frosting stain my bowl?

If you are using a plastic bowl, then there is a chance that the black coloring will stain. However, food coloring will not stain glass or stainless.

I get a bitter taste when I put a lot of food coloring in the frosting. How do I make it taste better?

If you start with a chocolate base, then you shouldn’t have a problem with this. If you do, add a little more cocoa. You could also flavor your frosting with oils.

Why does my black frosting have a green or purple tint?

Depending upon the brand of coloring you use, you could run into a problem with the tint of your black frosting. If your frosting looks a little green, add red coloring, one drop at a time until it’s black. If it holds a more purple look, add green coloring, one drop at a time.

We hope these suggestions help! And remember you can always make your life easier with our ready-to-use Black Vanilla Buttercream.

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