Recipe For White Chocolate Malt Truffles

It’s the last Monday of the month so we’re bringing you the last truffle recipe for February.

White Chocolate Malt Truffles

What you will need:

1/2 lb. Heavy cream
1/4 lb. Malted milk powder
14.5 oz. Peter’s Ultra Milk Chocolate
2.8 oz. Butter
1/5 oz. Invertase
3 oz. Peter’s Original White Chocolate


Scald cream and dissolve in malted milk powder; let cool below 105 degrees F. Whisk in melted Peter’s Ultra milk chocolate and mix until consistent. Blend in butter and invertase until smooth. Ensure ganache is less than 85 degrees F and immediately pipe into molds that have already been coated in Peter’s Original white chocolate. Allow to cool and firm and apply bottoms.


Yield: 85 truffles

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