5 Mustache Styles That Are Sure to Turn Heads

By now, most of you know that we carry a few fun mustache products, and we are always adding more. One of my favorites is the Munchstache Cookie Cutters. But what you probably didn’t know is that it comes with 5 distinct mustache styles. Let’s break it down:

Just for fun, here’s a few famous men who rock these mustache styles:

1. The Imperial:

Image // The Art of Manliness

This well-groomed Imperial Mustache belongs to Rollie Fingers. Not only does he hold good standings in sports, but his Imperial Mustache is one of the best.

2. The Baron:

Image // Listal’s Manly Mustaches

Billy Murray gives us a good look at the Baron Mustache. Do you think you could pull it off?

3. The Bristle Brush:

Image // The Art of Manliness

Without question, Tom Selleck owns the Bristle Brush Mustache. I’m not sure anyone can compete.

4. The Woolford:

Image // The Art of Manliness

A lot of men in history wore the Woolford Mustache. Mark Twain was one of them. So distinguished.

5. The Walrus:

Image // The Art of Manliness

Not only was Wyatt Earp known for being the quickest gun in the West. But I’m sure he had to be known for his Walrus style ‘stache.

Which ‘stache do you prefer?

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