Meet the Gygi Team: Jessica Job

Today I want to introduce you to Jessica. You may have seen her on the floor and she has probably even helped you out at the check stands. But a lot of what Jessica does here at Gygi’s happens behind the scene.

Not only does Jessica work as a clerk at Gygi’s, but she is also in charge of bagging all of the candy. That’s right… ALL candy. If you’ve ever purchased bagged candy from us, chances are Jessica bagged it.

I asked Jessica to tell me a little more about her job at Gygi’s,

“I work the registers… but my main focus is keeping the candy isle well stocked. I also package all the chocolate, gumballs and jelly beans, as well as miscellaneous powders, candies and sprinkles.”

Even though she’s in charge of bagging candy, her favorite Gygi product is actually all of the different size scoops we carry.

“I absolutely LOVE all the different sizes of scoops! They are wonderful for making uniform anything. All of your cookies look the same, cute size. Meatballs no longer are odd balls, cake batter can be evenly divided. Pancakes, cheesecake toppings, cupcakes, candy fillings–are all better with these scoops.”

Since Jessica loved the scoops so much, I asked her if she enjoys cooking or baking at home.

“Only all of the time!” She exclaimed. “Baking is one of my favorite things!”

“What kind of products do you like to bake?” I asked.

“Anything with butter, eggs, sugar and cream. If that’s the base, you can’t go wrong.”

“So, you must use the scoops quite a bit at home,” I said.

“Yes, I do. Scoops and the half size parchment sheets. I use those all of the time. They are super convenient, reusable and the best part is: you don’t have to wash the pan afterwards!”

When Jessica isn’t bagging candy at Gygi’s or baking at home, she loves to catch up on her favorite television shows and spend time playing with her dog.

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