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Since our post on freezer burn, we’ve had a few questions about freezers and food. We thought we’d share a list of your questions along with our answers.

Can I refreeze food that has already been thawed?

  • If you have thawed food in the refrigerator, then it is safe to refreeze it. However, if you let it sit out on the counter top or used your microwave to defrost it, then it cannot be refrozen.

After cooking raw food that was previously frozen, is it safe to freeze it again?

  • Yes. As long as the food has been thoroughly cooked, you can freeze it.

Can I freeze meat or poultry that in it’s original package?

  • Yes you can. Just be sure to wrap extra plastic wrap around it. For extra protection, you can place it in a freezer bag if it will fit.

Can I freeze any type of food?

  • For the most part, yes. If you keep your freezer at 0 degrees F or below, most food will keep. But being able to freeze food is one thing. Having the quality and the taste same the same after the item has been thawed is another. There are a few types of foods that just don’t freeze well. Some foods to avoid freezing are: condiments (like mayonnaise), cream sauces, salads and lettuce. Canned foods and eggs still in their shells cannot be frozen. Meat freezes very well, but it freezes even better if it is raw when frozen. You can freeze cooked meat, but it tends to be a little tougher the second time around because some of the moisture is lost when it has been cooked.

Is frozen food safe?

  • When food is frozen at 0 degrees F or below it is always safe. The only thing that suffers is the quality depending upon the duration it’s in the freezer. Freezing preserves food for an extended time length because it stops the growth of microorganisms that cause spoilage and food borne illnesses.

Does freezing food destroy bacteria?

  • Freezing prevents the growth of bacteria, yeasts and molds that are present in food. Basically, it stops their growth. However, once the food product is thawed, the microbes get back to growing. Handle thawed food with caution and care. Thorough cooking should kill off anything that will cause a food borne illness.

How cold should my freezer be?

  • Your freezer should be at least 0 degrees F or colder.

*All of this information has been taken from the USDA Food & Safety Inspection Services website.

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