Checking Your Refrigerator’s Temperature?

Temperatures are something that we all keep track of. If our temperature is too warm, then we lower the temperature of our living space. If our bodies temperature is too cold, then the house temperature goes up.

We are always checking what the outside temperature will be like tomorrow. And when our kids get a high temperature, we are right there to help fix it.

But what about your refrigerator? Is the temperature providing a haven for bacteria? When is the last time you checked?

Here’s the deal: Most refrigerators and freezers come with a built in thermometer dial that lets you control how cold it is. But over time, like most electronics,it  gets worn down, which can cause the temperature to waver.

So what temperature should your refrigerator and freezer be at?

  • In order for your refrigerator to be considered safe it should be 40 degrees F or below.
  • Your freezer shouldn’t be higher than 0 degrees F, but it can be colder if you’d like.

The best way to check the actual temperature is to use a thermometer that isn’t built-in. Let it sit inside of your refrigerator and freezer for a few minutes until it gives you a proper reading. If they are warmer than they should be, use the control dial to set them colder and then check the temperature again until it reads the proper temperature.

So what are you waiting for? Keep your food safe and go check the temperature!

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