Featured Product: Colorful Head Massagers

Colorful Head Massager

No, this isn’t a product that you’d expect to find at Gygi’s, but we carry it! And it’s one of my favorite products.

You may be wondering why we would have a head massager on our shelves. But if you’ve ever baked for, cooked for, catered, cleaned up after, or planned an event for a large group of people… you understand why we have it!

At times, kitchen work can be so much fun! The delicious smell of warm bread, decorating cupcakes and spooning extra cookie dough into your mouth. But it’s not all frosting and sprinkles. There are other times it can be such a headache!

If you’ve ever tried making something in the kitchen that you weren’t familiar with like baking sour dough bread for the first time or have had to clean up after a big event, then you know what I’m talking about. And when your bread just didn’t work out the first time, or the second, and you just wanted to give up… you take out your head massager!

And once the dishes have been done and the floor has been mopped, then you deserve to sit down with your head massager!

And they are cheap too! Only $2.99 each. Trust me… you’ll love it!

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