Fine Art of Cooking Series

We are so excited to be offering our Fine Art of Cooking Series again in January! Chef Shawn Bucher will be sharing with us some of his favorite techniques to accomplish EVERYTHING in the kitchen.

These classes are for all skill levels-anyone who is looking to learn “the correct way” of cooking. In these classes you will find that Shawn focuses more on teaching you the necessary ways to accomplish the tasks rather than teaching you a specific recipe.

In each class, Chef Shawn will take the first part of class to thoroughly explain, teach, and demonstrate the class subject. He then lets all the students loose in their OWN work stations, working on their own recipes so that each student is able to grasp the material at hand. Lots of discussions and hands-on learning is done in these classes, and of course everyone leaves with a new understanding, as well as, a full belly!

Each class can be purchased as an individual class or as the series. Those buying the series will have a per class discount applied, as well as, Chef Shawn’s cookbook and DVD will be given to those signing up for the whole series. Trust us, you will want to take the whole series!


CLASS #1- January 8th at 6pm : Knife Skills, Stocks, Soups & Sauces 

Learn how to: – Properly buy, care for and use a knife! Shawn will be teaching all the necessary knife skills, giving you that much needed confidence with the best kitchen tool! –  Make great stocks, traditionally and using a pressure cooker! –  Create gourmet soups, quickly and creatively!

CLASS #2- January 15th at  6pm: Starches – Risottos, Cous Cous & More 

Starting with Starches Learn how to: Cook your pasta like the Italians – Al Dente! A killer marinara sauce in minutes! Roasting potatoes and yams! Create gourmet Risottos, Cous Cous and more!

CLASS #3- January 22nd at 6pm:  –Vegetables: From Cooking to Garnishing 

Garnishes, Steam & Glazed Vegetables, Salads and more! Learn how to: Buy, clean, prepare clean and cook vegetables! Roasting peppers! Salad dressings from scratch! Basic Garnishes for both platters and plates.

CLASS #4- January 29th at 6pm:- Chicken – Breaking down a Chicken, Breading & Frying and more – Click Here to Register Learn how to: Properly break down a whole chicken in the classic 8 pieces! Classic breading procedures! Pan frying, deep frying and creating everyone’s favorite – classic chicken fried chicken! Creating mashed potatoes, cream corn, cream spinach and peppery gravy! Yes, everyone is  given their own chicken to break down and find out how to use!

CLASS #5- February 5th at 6pm: Seafood- Break down a whole fish and creating killer fish tacos! 

Learn how to: Properly break down a whole trout! Cook a whole lobster! Cook fish and shrimp in a pan and in a bag! Creating killer fish tacos with Chef Shawn’s signature sauce, guacamole, pico de gallo and coconut jasmine rice!

CLASS #6- February 12th at 6pm: Beef and Pork Basics 

How to make it roasted, shredded or grilled! Learn how to: Work with beef and pork to make it roasted, shredded or grilled. Learn to taste, season, and create a beautiful restaurant quality meal fit a king!

Whether you are a newbie in the kitchen looking or an experienced “recipe follower” these classes will give anyone looking to find those fun and must have skills to accomplish anything that you may be looking to do! Chef Shawn leaves plenty of time for discussions and questions and we limit class size at 12 so that you have the best experience possible!

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