Baking with Chocolate

If there’s anything we feel passionate about it’s that when you’re baking with chocolate (brownies, mouse, cakes, ganache) you 100% should always use the best quality chocolate you have in the house. No compound coatings. No baking chips. Always pure, delicious couverture chocolate.

Why do we think this is so important, you ask? When working with couverture chocolate the biggest obstacle to overcome is the process of tempering (however we feel like anyone can and should temper!) but when you’re melting chocolate and adding it to cream, cake batter and cookie dough it doesn’t require tempering. Which leads us to the most important part- use the best chocolate whenever you want the best flavor. Couverture chocolate will enhance and enrich your recipe, providing the best flavor and texture.

Not sure how to tell if your chocolate is couverture or not? Just look at the ingredient list. Quality chocolate uses just cocoa butter. Compound chocolates will have some other kind of vegetable solid: hydrogenated palm kernel oil, sunflower oil, safflower…etc. So take a look at the ingredient list next time you want to make sure you’re using the good stuff. If you buy your chocolate from us, we label our bags with “couverture” or “compound” so you can see the difference right on the bag!

If you want to learn more about chocolate, check out our CHOCOLATE 101 post where we archived all our information about chocolate in one place.

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