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brownie pans

Brownie Pans for Every Type of Brownie

Any good brownie recipe should start with a quality baking pan. It is the tool you can reliably use to bake your brownies to perfection, whether you are partial…

best-ever brownies

10 Tips for the Best-Ever Brownies

Nothing says “eat me” like a fresh batch of perfect brownies. And the truth is the qualities of the best-ever brownies are entirely subjective and can be different for…

Plastic, silicone, and polycarbonate candy molds

4 Types of Candy Molds

It is candy box time! And in our specialty kitchen store, we have an entire aisle devoted to various forms of candy molds. They range from silly and sweet…

Three thermometers measuring the temperature of a pot of boiling water

Testing a Thermometer for Accuracy

Before striking out on your adventure in the art of candy making, there is one thing you need – an accurate thermometer. It can be tricky deciding on the…

molded chocolates

Hand-Dipped vs. Molded Chocolates

If you are like us, you are thinking about, making, and eating chocolate all year long. And if you have ever set foot in our specialty kitchen store, you…

apple bacon brussles sprouts stuffing

Apple, Bacon & Brussels Sprouts Stuffing

Traditional stuffing has a well-reserved place in our hearts. But sometimes we want to take our dishes to the next level. This is where the elevated stuffing recipe comes…