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Peter’s Caramel

Peter's Caramel

How To Melt Peter’s Caramel

Let’s face it, we love our caramel. But what do we usually decide to do with our giant loaf of Peter’s? Melting! The melted caramel works so well when…

peter's caramel

FAQs About Peter’s Caramel

Peter’s Caramel is beloved by pastry chefs, bakers, and confectioners alike. And if you have been a long-time follower of Gygi’s you know exactly how much we love this…

peter's caramel

4 Reasons We Love Peter’s Caramel

Sick of having to always make your own homemade caramel from scratch? Or are your fingers hurting from unwrapping all of those tiny little pre-made caramels? Peter’s Caramel is…