4 Reasons We Love Peter’s Caramel

peter's caramel

Sick of having to always make your own homemade caramel from scratch? Or are your fingers hurting from unwrapping all of those tiny little pre-made caramels? Peter’s Caramel is the perfect solution. Here are just some of the reasons why Peter’s Caramel is a favorite in our kitchen and why we have been using it at Gygi’s for years and years. 

1. Delicious Caramel

Peter’s caramel is made from only the best ingredients (the same things you would use to make a homemade batch of caramel) and it has the most delicious and well-balanced flavor profile. It starts with the rich, buttery forefront followed by just a touch of toasted sweetness. You get the best-tasting caramel each time. 

2. Convenient

Did you know that Peter’s Caramel is shelf stable for 12-18 months? That is a long time to use up all this caramel and why it is a pantry staple in so many homes. The convenience of being able to slice off the amount you need at a moment’s notice – that alone should earn this caramel a spot on your shelf. And it is super low-maintenance. You just need to store it in an airtight container and keep it cool and dry. That way, it will be ready to melt for caramel apples, cut up for last-minute treats, or thinned into a sauce for those late-night sundaes. 

3. Melts So Easy

Making homemade caramel is a hassle, and unwrapping all those little premade caramels is almost just as time consuming. Our tried-and-true method for melting is basically hassle-free. Simply use a heavy-based, oven-safe pan with a lid. Our go-to is the Staub Cocotte 5 quart or Staub Cocotte 7 quart depending on the amount of caramel. Set the oven to 200℉ and set a timer for two hours. Simply place the caramel in the pot, put the lid on, place the pot in the oven, and let it sit until the timer goes off. The result will be an excellent consistency. And because there is very little stirring involved, you don’t have to worry about as many bubbles if you are using the caramel for dipping. 

4. Perfect Caramel Every Time

There is nothing worse than spending all that time and energy making caramel to have it not work out, or worse, burn in the pot. If you know what you are doing, Peter’s comes out perfect every time. So wash and dry those apples, prepare those pretzel sticks, and whip out those rice crispies. With Peter’s caramel, you are ready to go. 

We are so excited to celebrate all things Peter’s Caramel. This ready-made, ready-to-use caramel is delicious, convenient, and comes out impeccable. It is a huge part of Orson Gygi and has found a place in so many of your kitchens as well. Yep, 5 pounds of caramel! It is a true thing and it is going to change your world. It sounds like soooo much caramel. But don’t worry. We got you covered on all the different ways you can melt it up, cut it up, and share the love. Check out or Caramel 101 post for some inspiration.

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