Paper Straw Wreath

Make your paper straw wreath now!

Materials for 2 Straw-Burst Wreaths:


2-6″ flat floral and craft rings

2 sheets white paper


Hot glue gun and glue sticks

2 boxes of 144-count paper straws (Each box having a different pattern)

Ribbon for hanging and embellishment, if desired

What to do:

Trace the floral ring on the paper and cut out the ring shape. Glue the paper to the front of the floral ring.

Trip 49 straws of the first pattern down to 6.5″ in length (Long), 49 straws down to 5.5″ (Medium) and cut 25 straws in half to get 50 short straws. Reserve extra pieces for a second wreath and garland if desired.

Of the second pattern, save 25 of the 2.5″ pieces left from cutting the medium length straws, then cut each of the 13 straws into 2.75″ pieces.

Apply a small dot of glue 1/4″ from the inside edge of the ring. Adhere a long straw so one end is flush with the inner ring. Hold in place until set. Continue to add long straws, 3-4 at a time, flush with the inner ring and evenly spaced at the outer edge, until the ring is covered.

Apply a small dot of glue 1/4″ from the inside edge of the ring, in the crevice between 2 of the long straws. Adhere a medium straw so one end is flush with the inner ring. Continue to add medium straws flush with the inner ring, evenly spaced between the long straws.

Repeat with short straws, spacing them between the medium straws.

For the final layer, use the small pieces of the second pattern. Repeat the gluing process by alternating the 2.5″ pieces with the 3.25″ pieces, spacing them between the short straws. Let dry completely.

Secure a small loop of ribbon to the back of the wreath with glue for hanging. Attach a bow to the front if desired.

Repeat the process starting with second pattern for second wreath.

Straw-Burst Garland:

Use leftover straw pieces to make a coordinating garland. Cut pieces of straw to desired length and string with ribbon, wrapped peppermint candies, paper cutouts, etc…

Be creative and have fun!

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