5 Kitchen Tools Everyone Should Own

Ask any cook in any kitchen and they would be able to tell you what their favorite kitchen tool is. Today, I want to share with you 5 kitchen tools that no cook should have to go without.

#1: Odor Remover by NorPro

Yes, yes, we have already featured this item in one of our Ask Gygi Posts. But it’s really that good! And cheap. And easy to use. Trust us, if you are wanting to get rid of strong smelling odors on your hands after you finished cooking with them, then this odor remover is the only way to go.

#2: Gygi’s Bowl Scraper

Sure, you can use a spatula to scrape that extra batter out of your bowls, that’s fine. But your spatula can’t do this:

  • -Scrape burned food off of your cookie sheets (or any other pan for that matter).
  • -Scrape flour and dough off of our counter top after kneading bread dough or cookie dough.
  • -Scape grime off our your appliances left over from creative (or just plain messy) kids.
  • -Use it in craft projects (like scrap-booking) for rubbing out air bubbles from underneath glued down paper.

I’m sure there’s a million other uses for it, but this tool is a must. I use my bowl scraper every time I bake. It also works great to help knead pastries.

#3: Angled Measuring Cup by OXO

We featured this great item on our Facebook page not too long ago. Who ever thought that measuring liquids could be so easy? You get the exact measurement of liquid that you want without lifting the cup or bending down yourself to see if you measured correctly. Go ahead–check it out for yourself!

#4: Santoku Lettuce Knife

Nobody likes brown lettuce. Using this knife will keep that from happening. Need I say more?

#5: Garlic Peeler by NorPro

The easiest way to peel garlic. Set your clove inside and roll the peeler back and forth. It takes the peel completely off the clove so all that’s left is for you dice it up and throw it into your favorite dish. It painlessly does the work for you. And did I mention it’s not just for garlic? Try using it as a non-slip grip for opening those difficult jars.

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