Which Metal Is Best For Baking?

Today, we’ll explain the difference between metal pans that are dark or light in color and what each one is used for to help with the question: Which Metal Is Best For Baking?

Light Colored Pans:

Light metal pans are best for even browning. They are best for baking in when you want a light even brown color. I prefer to bake my cookies and cakes in a lighter metal pan because I want a lighter more even color.

Dark Colored Pans:

Unlike light metal, dark metal can cause uneven browning. Some spots may get darker than others. But these metal pans give a deep golden color to your product. Bread is a good product to bake in a dark metal pan. You can always be sure that the crust will turn out a rich, deep golden color.

So the choice is yours. Do you want an even lighter color or richer, darker color? A good rule to remember is the darker the pan, the darker the color.

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