Difference Between Natural and Dutch Processed Cocoa

Most of us use unsweetened cocoa powder at home. But did you know that using a Dutch-processed cocoa powder can change the taste and color of your baked goods? Here’s a list of the differences between natural and Dutch processed Cocoa, so you can make the choice:

What’s the difference between natural and Dutch cocoa powders?

Do they taste differently?

  • Yes, because the Dutch-processed cocoa powder no longer has acidity. It gives a darker chocolate color and depending upon the degree of alkalization, the flavor can range from being a mellow chocolate to a strong, more pronounced chocolate flavor in comparison to the natural-processed powder.

Can these powders be used interchangeably?

  • For leavening purposes, Dutch-processed cocoa powder is used in recipes also containing baking powder. But because the acidity still remains in the natural-processed cocoa powder, it is usually used in recipes containing baking soda.
  • Gygi recommends following the recipe. However, if you’d like to change out the cocoa powder, you may think about also substituting the baking powder for soda or vice versa.

Which kind of cocoa powder does Gygi recommend?

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