What Else Can My Mixer Do?

When we asked our Instagram followers what they wanted us to test in our mixers, we had a lot of requests for shredded chicken and mashed potatoes. Both of those tasks are far from the typical cake and cookies, but they sounded interesting so we gave them a go. Let’s find out what else these mixers can do!

Shredded Chicken

For this test, we shredded half of a rotisserie chicken in each mixer. We were pleasantly surprised by the results. The KitchenAid mixers did a great job shredding the chicken. The 6-quart took a little bit longer to shred each of the large pieces but still did the job. The 5-quart KitchenAid performed the best and produced perfectly shredded chicken. The Bosch and Nutrimill had similar issues. Both of them had chicken stuck under the paddles which meant it was getting smashed instead of shredded. We think that a larger quantity of chicken could help the Bosch and Nutrimill function better, but we still prefer using either of the KitchenAids. 

Mashed Potatoes

To make things really interesting, we tested each of the mixers close to their capacity for potatoes. None of them were able to mix the weight capacity listed on their websites. It may have been possible to fit the amount of potatoes the manufacturers listed online, but it would have been difficult to mix them and add heavy cream and butter. Overall, we liked the Bosch and Nutrimill mixers more because they yielded a smoother mashed potato. The Nutrimill’s wire whips had a hard time moving, but once some liquid was added, they were able to move freely. The Bosch made ultra-smooth and creamy potatoes. They weren’t as smooth as using a ricer, but out of the four mixers they were by far the creamiest. The KitchenAids did not yield a perfectly smooth mashed potato. If you prefer a rougher texture, a KitchenAid might be better for you. The main difference between the 5 and 6-quart KitchenAid is capacity. In the end, all the mixers mashed potatoes great, but for the smoothest potatoes without any chunks whatsoever, we still recommend using a ricer.

stand mixer finished mashed potatoes comparison

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