Halloween Recipe for Orange Slice Candy Pumpkins

When Tauni from Snap! posted this little number on our Facebook page, I couldn’t resist sharing it with our fellow blog readers. Today, Tauni is sharing her recipe for Orange Slice Candy Pumpkins.

Orange Slice Candy Pumpkin Halloween Centerpiece: Brought to you by Snap!

What You Will Need:


1. Slice the bottom of the Styrofoam ball so that it sits flat on the table. Once that has been done, wrap it in orange tissue paper.

2. Cut the toothpicks in half, so that they are easier to work with.

3. Stick the toothpick in the Styrofoam ball and then add an orange slice.

4. Continue doing this until the ball is covered.

For more tips, tricks, and images check out Tauni’s post on Snap!’s blog.

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