FAQ: Is Peter’s Caramel Dairy Free?

Many people wonder, is Peter’s Caramel dairy free? Unfortunately Peter’s Caramel is not dairy free, it does contain milk. Here’s a list of the allergen information. You can also read more about it on our Caramel Page.

Peter’s Caramel Allergen Info:

ALLERGENS: Product contains one or more of the allergens listed Product is produced on the same equipment where allergens are present Product is produced in same facility where these allergens are present
PEANUTS (including peanut butter, peanut flour, peanut oil (if unrefined or cold press)) Peanuts are legumes, not nuts, and should be declared separately from tree nuts. No No Yes–Peanuts
TREE NUTS (including almond, brazil, cashew, chestnut, hazelnut, macadamia, pecan, pine, pistachio, walnut; and oils of nuts (if unrefined or cold press)) No No Tree Nuts (almonds & pecans)
MILK (including milk chocolate, nonfat milk, butter, milkfat, butterfat, buttermilk, cassein, cheese, curds, whey, cream, custard, pudding, casseinates, sour cream, yogurt, lactose). Lactose is the natural occurring sugar (no protein) in milk. Consumption may cause a food intolerance response but it is not a true food allergen. Must be labeled correctly so that consumers suffering from lactose intolerance will be informed. Sweetened Condensed Milk, Butter Milk Chocolate, Butter Milk Chocolate, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Dairy Blend
EGGS (including mayonnaise, meringue, egg whites, egg yolk, egg albumin) No No Egg Whites
SOY (including miso, tofu, soy protein, soy nuts, soy flour, textured vegetable protein, soy oil or soy lecithin (if emulsifier, unrefined or cold press)) Soy Lecithin No Soy Lecithin
FISH/SHELLFISH (shrimp, crab, lobster, oyster, clam, scallops, crayfish, anchovy) No No No
GLUTEN SOURCES (including wheat flour, bran, cereal extracts, cracker meal, farina, graham flour, breaded crumbs, barley and malt, wheat germ, wheat gluten, wheat starch, semolina and rye). Gluten is related to a medical condition (celiac sprue) where the person is sensitive to gluten-containing grains No No Wheat Gluten
SULFITES sodium meta- or bi-sulfite, sulfur dioxide. Sulfites are not true food allergens, but they can cause problems, particularly with asthmatics. They must be labeled if they are in the product at higher than 10 ppm. No No < 10 ppm
FOOD COLORS Food colors have to be disclosed on the labels and Yellow 5 can produce hives in a small number of individuals. Carmine (cochineal) must be labeled properly as FDA is proposing to regulate it as an allergen. No No Yellow 5

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