How Much Chocolate Do You Need for a Chocolate Fountain?

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are very trendy and look great at any party, wedding, or event. The trick to chocolate fountains is knowing how much chocolate is needed for your guest list.

Orson H. Gygi has years of working with chocolate and chocolate fountains. So, we decided it was time to have our team of experts sit down and find out the formula for calculating the serving size for the chocolate that goes into a chocolate fountain. Because there are so many variables in serving chocolate, this is just a starting point, but a pretty good starting point.

The average serving size for a chocolate fountain is 2 oz. per serving. Our 5 pound bags of chocolate hold 8 0z., thus, you will yield 40 servings in a 5 pound bag of chocolate. All you’ll need from this point is a reason to throw a party and a list of invitees.

Orson Gygi also has all your chocolate fountain needs including skewers and fountains.

Feel free to stop into Orson H. Gygi anytime with questions for your next event.

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