The Sweetest Summer Soiree

Sweet Summer Soiree Table

Sweet Summer Soiree Table

You’ve always wanted to throw that gorgeous summer party or the sweetest summer soiree but you’ve been searching for the right inspiration. Look no further. Follow our guide and watch your event come together.

Summer Soiree Food Spread

We’ve been posting some incredible recipes that work flawlessly together to create a beautiful spread. Combine the following recipes with brightly colored flowers, white linens and dishes, and delicate tea cups for a truly charming summer soiree.

The Savory

Every party needs a little savory bite that pairs well with the sweet. Use these two crostini toppings to cater to every pallet.

Crostini Recipe

The Sweet

No party is complete without a slice of cake to complete the spread. A rhubarb cake is a classic dish and the perfect amount of sweetness.

Slice of easy rhubarb cake

The Topping

A fluffy, creamy topping is needed when serving any type of dessert. Use our chantilly recipe for a fresh fluffy topping.

Chantilly Cream Topping

The Biscuit

Finger foods are necessary at any party. Combine unique flavors with the classic shortbread base for a delicate biscuit everyone will enjoy.

Shortbread Recipes with variations that are a must try

The Lighter Side

The bistro salad is the simplest salad that adds a bit of springy freshness to the table. Use this easy 6-ingredient recipe for the simple, yet yummy, bistro salad.

Bistro Salad Recipe


The Perfect Summer Soiree

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