Football Team Rice Krispies


Whether you bleed red or blue, Football Team Rice Krispies will make both sides of our Utah rivalry happy.  Make according to your alligence, but my personal opinion is that the Y’s taste better.

After the marshmallows are fully melted, remove from heat and add in food coloring. Make sure you pour the finished Rice Krispies onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and they are level and tightly packed. Cool and use your a cookie cutter to cut your school’s letter out and you’ve got Football Team Rice Krispies! You can take the leftover Rice Krispies, mash them into squares and dip the tops into chocolate (they’ll look a little dusty from being cut, so dipping them with clean them up and give you a blank slate for using a chocolate candy writer to decorate them. I recommend turing your squares diagonally and drawing football laces on them.


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