Cutting Board Cleaning

Our wooden cutting boards are one of the MOST used items in the GYGI kitchen. Nearly every class we pull these out to use for prep and workspace for our students.

We want to share with you our preferred way to clean our cutting boards, bringing them back to their gorgeous, wood-grained glory.

“DEEP CLEANING” for your cutting board

If you’ve never really cleaned your wood cutting boards, start here!

Finding some time to give your cutting board some tender love and care will help prolong it’s life. It also helps keep the wood from carrying harmful bacteria, as you are creating a moisture barrier. You’ll be trapping the oil in and the moisture (and germs) out!

*** Cutting Board Oil*** When applying oil to your board, you should always use an FDA-approved Mineral oil. When mixed with a small amount of Vitamin E, the oxidation process for the oil is slowed preventing it from going rancid. Any other type of oil can cause a foul smell and taste.

This process can be done any time your board seems dry. Usually every 4 to 6 months depending on use. You can do a little test by splashing a few drops of water on the surface, if it repels and stays in small beads, your board is in good shape. If it absorbs quickly, adding a layer of oil would be great for your board.

Routine Care for your Board

Here are a few things you can do every time you use your cutting board to keep it looking beautiful:

  • Avoid moisture as much as possible, and when you do use liquids (brine, water, blood, juice) on the surface, use a metal or plastic scraper to remove as much liquid as possible.
  • Wash the surface with mild soap – never allow your board to soak in a sink of water. Dry thoroughly after washing- never store with moisture on the surface.
  • Try to vary where you are cutting and the direction of cutting so you don’t wear down the same spot over time. You can switch the direction the board is facing and if your board can be cut on both sides, be sure to flip it over occasionally.
Half the cutting board is clean, half is untreated


Now, wasn’t that fun?? Looking for a few more cleaning tasks? Join us as we cleanup our kitchens one task at a time.

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