Italian Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna

We are celebrating Christmas this year with some of our friends sharing the traditions from their kitchens, and we are lucky to share with you this heart-warming recipe from Elena (@mamamiamangia)

What began as a simple lasagna recipe has evolved into a story of love within one family’s Italian kitchen. We are stepping into the kitchen with someone who teaches the respect and importance of a meal that is truly made with amore (love!).

There is a special feeling of standing in a kitchen with a mother who stands behind a recipe that she wants to make perfect for her family – because there is no one better to make a meal for than the people you love.

More than just a recipe- this is a focus on generations coming together. No matter how many times you cook a traditional family recipe, mom or dad will still do things slightly differently and that’s where the love lies – and the reason we keep gathering and cooking together.

From sourcing authentic Italian ingredients to choosing high-quality replacements in the states, Elena began her blog in an effort to capture generations of recipes and share them in a way anyone can follow.

We hope you enjoy this timeless, warm recipe. And feel the love that is so gently baked into every layer.

Make lasagna with Elena and her mother Roberta by clicking here.

Hop over to Elena’s blog for the recipe. That’s where you’ll find the magic.

Want to incorporate this tradition in your own kitchen? Here are some ideas how:

  • Italian food centers around family and amore (love!) Coordinate with some members of your family to make the same dish (in your own kitchens) and plan a time where everyone will eat it! You could host a family zoom dinner party and feel the love across the miles.
  • This recipe is really easy to double and freeze. Make something delicious, freeze it for a later day when you need to feel the love. Or even better, share it with a neighbor who could use a little nod of appreciation. Homemade food filled with amore brightens everyone’s day.
  • Try this pasta dish as a side dish at your next meal, when you use these fresh quality ingredients the pasta isn’t heavy and dense, instead it’s light and enriching.

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