Raspberry Caramel Truffles Recipe

Delicious and easy raspberry caramel truffles recipe:

Raspberry Caramel Truffles

What you will need:

2 lbs. Peter’s Caramel

1/2 lb. Raspberry Juice*

1/4 lb. Lemon Juice

Peter’s Milk or Dark Chocolate


Melt Peter’s Caramel Loaf and blend in fruit juices. Cook to 224 degrees F and allow to cool below 90 degrees F. Temper chocolate, pour into a candy mold. Spoon caramel into the mold, and then apply the bottoms with chocolate. To decorate, use an artist’s brush to paint a stripe of colored cocoa butter inside the mold before pouring your chocolate in it. After de-molding, finish chocolates by stringing with red-colored white chocolate (use oil-based coloring).

*Mash raspberries (fresh or frozen) and strain out seeds through fine mesh strainer.

Yield: 150 pieces

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