Caramel Apple Supplies – Everything but the Apple

It’s no secret… and by now most of you know that we carry everything you need to make caramel apples (except the apple itself). But for those of you who are unaware of what we have, I’d thought I’d share this with you.

Everything You Need for Caramel Apples (except the apple):

1. Peter’s Caramel: Let’s face it. Caramel apples wouldn’t be appetizing without the caramel. And Peter’s Caramel is the way to go. A 5 lb. loaf of gooey goodness and we have made it easy for you.

2. Chocolate: From compound coatings to couverture chocolate. We’ve got it all! Use whatever dark or milk chocolate suits your fancy, but might I recommend using the Vanilla A’Peels for the white chocolate choice. You can learn how to melt chocolate by clicking here.

3. Sticks: You need them, and we’ve got them. And did I mention they are cheap?

4. Toppings: Peanuts, crushed candy, cinnamon, sanding sugar, chocolate chips, you name it… we’ve got you covered.

5. Bags: The clear C-4 cellophane bags are the ones that will fit your caramel apple after it has been dipped and covered in sweetness. 100 of these come in a package, so you can buy some and share it with your friends!

6. Twine: To tie the bags up of course!

7. French Ovens: This is, what we think is the best way to melt caramel. Of course, you can use a stock pot, but we just love the french ovens.

8: Parchment Paper: DO NOT USE WAX PAPER! I cannot stress this enough. The hot caramel will melt the wax and it will stick to your freshly dipped apple. Use parchment paper! It’s the only surface I recommend for caramel apples.

9: Cookie Sheets: You’ll need something to put the parchment paper on, and this is the best way to go!

So there you have it. Did I miss anything? We are your one-stop-shop for caramel apple supplies!

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