20 Kitchen Gifts for the Retro Housewife

From cupcakes to cookies we have everything the retro housewife needs to make their kitchen complete! Here are 20 fun kitchen gift ideas for anyone who loves anything vintage.

  • 1. Tea Towels: Let’s start with the linens. Every good housewife knows that tea towels are a must.
  • 2. Apron: Julia Child wore them and so should you! We have something for everyone!
  • 3. Tablecloths: A good tablecloth will reflect the theme of your kitchen.
  • 4. Tea Kettle: For tea time and cards.
  • 5. Canisters: For cookies and other after-school-snacks.
  • 6. Kitchen Timer: Good for timing cooking and time-outs.
  • 7. Cookbook: An organized way to keep recipes in the kitchen.
  • 8. Shopping List: If it’s right in the kitchen, you’ll always right it down.
  • 9. To-Do List: Use it for your daily tasks or a honey-do list.
  • 10. Menu: When you have a plan, you won’t fail.
  • 11. French Oven: Perfect for casseroles and other home-y dishes.
  • 12. Paper Straws: I think these speak “retro” on their own.
  • 13. Trivet: A pretty place to set your dish on the table during family meal time.
  • 14. Rolling Pin: A good wooden rolling pin belongs in every kitchen.
  • 15. Sprinkles: Because I can’t picture a retro housewife who doesn’t use sprinkles.
  • 16. Glass Pitcher: To always have ice cold beverage ready.
  • 17. Retro Drink Mixer: Hey, this one has “retro” in the name!
  • 18. Cambro Tumblers: In a variety of sizes and colors, these cups won’t break.
  • 19. Pie Dish: Homemade pies in the windowsill are about as retro as it gets.
  • 20. Cake Stand: Not only to make your cake more beautiful, but you never know who will stop by for a treat.

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