How to Make Chocolate Decorations On Parchment Paper

Making chocolate decorations on parchment paper adds a whole new element of uniqueness to your cake, muffin, cookie, or cupcake. The parchment paper decor look is a combination of chic meets individualistic. Each design will come out a little different, which adds that charming rare quality to your edible decor. The thin designs really add a chic 3-D addition to your sweet treats as well.

Gygi's Chocolate Candy WritersAll you’ll need is a sheet of parchment paper and some chocolate Candy Writers. The Candy Writers come in almost any color and are in an easy-to-squeeze tube with a fine point that controls the amount of chocolate that comes out.

How To Make Chocolate DecorationsGently squeeze the tube and create the design you desire. We chose to create a spiderweb to top our cupcakes with for our Halloween party. The best part about free-handing the spiderwebs was that each mistake we made only made the spiderwebs look even creepier and better!

How To Create Chocolate DecorationsFor our witch’s feet we sketched out our design on the parchment paper before adding the chocolate coloring. This allowed for detail and precision. We then stuck our witch’s feet to paper straws and stuck them upside-down into the cupcakes.

How to make chocolate decorationsAllow your chocolate decoration to harden on the parchment paper for about an hour. Your decor should be easy to peel off the paper (slowly as to not break the delicate design). Use your edible decor to top any sweet treat or delectable dessert!

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