White Elephant Gift Ideas That Are Actually Cool


Tis the season for gift exchanges, and the most difficult thing to buy each holiday tends to be the dreaded white elephant gift. White elephant gifts can be a huge success or a tragic failure, and to make it worse, it can be just plain difficult because everyone’s personalities and tastes are so different. But never fear! We have come up with a few white elephant gift ideas that are inexpensive, useful, and fun.

Smidgen Measuring Spoon Set
Sure, pretty much anyone who has a kitchen has a set of measuring cups and spoons, but we bet that they don’t have a measuring spoon for a dash, a smidgen, or a pinch. These measuring spoons are a quirky and fun gift for any white elephant party because how many times have you asked yourself, “Exactly how much is a smidgen?”

Mix Stix Spoon Drumsticks
What’s more fun than singing in the kitchen while you cook? We venture to say, “Pretty much nothing.” These Mix Sticks Spoon Drumsticks are not only two wooden spoons for cooking your favorite dish or serving your best salad, they are also two drumsticks.

Brownie Spatula with Wooden Handle
While this suggestion might seem kind of boring, the brownie spatula is bound to be a success because who doesn’t love brownies? And why stop at brownies? You can use the brownie spatula for serving sheet cake, casserole, lasagna, and pretty much anything you could use a spatula for serving.

12 oz White Tea Set for One
While pig tails and slap bracelets definitely belong in our childhoods, certain things deserve to live on—like tea parties. This Tea Set for One comes with a tea pot and a cup. And while it’s just for one person, you can still throw a tea party for one and enjoy your favorite tea on those cold days.

Dish Wish
With the Dish Wish, all you have to do is yell, “Al-a-ka-zam,” and your dishes will come clean after a few scrubs—unless you forgot to rinse the mashed potato bowl…again. The Dish Wish scrubbing brush makes a great white elephant gift because it’s not only useful, it’s also fun and different than what most people would expect.

Mustache Ice Cube Mold
Mustaches are definitely having a moment, and this Mustache Ice Cube Mold makes a great white elephant gift because plain ice cubes are so 15 minutes ago. Plus, since the mold is made of silicone, it can also be used to make mustache-shaped cakes, chocolates, and candy.

We hope these give you at least inspiration for what would make great white elephant gifts. The biggest piece of advice we can give you is don’t be that person who brings a gift you know no one will want. Because nobody likes that guy. For more white elephant gift ideas, stop by our “Stocking Stuffers” and our “Gifts Under $30” gift guides and see what else catches your eye.

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