Three Must-Have Kitchen Knives

The holidays are behind us and a shiny new year is ahead. Whether you’ve made a resolution to eat healthier in 2015, or you just want to make up for the seasonal indulgences, we’re betting you have healthy eating on the brain. One of the best, easiest ways to start eating healthier is by cooking in your own kitchen. That’s why this month we’re focusing on all the kitchen essentials you’ll need to have some delicious fun at home. This week, we’re starting with the three essential knives you need to do just about anything in the kitchen.

You’d be pretty hard pressed to find a recipe that doesn’t require some form of cutting. And there’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to dice a vegetable with a random steak knife (guilty). So set yourself up for culinary success with these three must-have kitchen knives.

Chef’s knife

The chef’s knife is your best friend in the kitchen. It’s the knife you’ll reach for every time you’re in the kitchen to slice, dice, chop and mince. It’s by far the most versatile and helpful knife in your arsenal. You’ll end up using this knife so much that it will become an extension of your hand. If you had to pick one knife, this one would be it. But why pick just one…

Paring knife

The paring knife is ideal for cutting jobs that require a bit more intricacy or precision. From peeling and segmenting fruit to creating flowers out of vegetables (if you’re so inclined), this sharp, compact knife is the one for the job.

Serrated/bread knife

The bread knife might sound like a specialty kitchen utensil, but it’s much more versatile than it seems. This thin serrated knife will slice breads, both hard and soft, without smashing them. That’s just about enough to make it a kitchen essential in our eyes, but it also slices soft, ripe fruits without squishing them. And it’s perfect for leveling cakes. Definitely a must-have knife.

So there you have it. The three knives every kitchen needs. With these you’ll be able to do just about anything your heart desires in the kitchen. Coming up, we’ll be covering some essential knife skills, as well as featuring some great recipes to flex those knew knife-wielding muscles of yours!

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