Healthy Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

Healthy Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

With the new year comes new goals, new resolutions, and new ambitions to eat healthier. Don’t set yourself up for failure, equip your kitchen with all the necessary tools to make your health goals a reality.

Here are our top picks for healthy kitchen gadgets, and the best part is, they are all under $20.

Healthy living requires eating more vegetables but eating more vegetables doesn’t have to be bland and mundane. Chop, julienne, and create zucchini strings or add thinly sliced carrots to any meal for that healthy touch. To quickly and easily create thinly sliced vegetables to throw into any meal use the Hiroko Shimbo Julieene Peeler.

Next up we have the perfect cutting board. Seriously, this cutting board has bendable sides to easily transfer your chopped ingredients straight from the counter to the pot. Available in 7 different colors and 2 sizes, the Chop2Pot Cutting Board is a must have for your kitchen.

If your new years res has you adding more fruit and veg to your diet, then make your life easier with either a Strawberry Slicester, a Flexicado Avocado Slicer, or Bananza Banana Slicer.

Whatever your kitchen is lacking, whether it be a magnetic timer, a classic zester, or a veggie steamer, make your kitchen a health food haven to set you and your goals up for success.

For more health food gadgets take a look at Gygi’s Gadgets Under $20 To Make Eating Healthy Easy.






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