All About Ice Cream

Imagine never having tried ice cream before (brutal, right?), and you walk into your local grocery store. You stumble upon the ice cream aisle and there are over a hundred options. Which do you choose? If you’d never had ice cream- how do you know which variety you might like the most?

Well, obviously at this point, in reality, you have tried ice cream (at least we hope so). But just in case you might not know the difference between the varieties you’ll likely run into- we’re here to define them for you.


Unlike American ice cream, Italian gelato is made with mostly whole milk, little to no cream, and no eggs. It is slow churned to create a rich, dense and super smooth consistency.


Sorbet is made with no dairy whatsoever, just fruit and sugar! It is churned like ice cream and the consistency is usually smooth but can be icy/flaky also.


Custard- our favorite! A super rich and decadent treat, frozen custard is made with an egg-yolk base and some mixture of cream & milk depending on the desired consistency.

We happen to have an incredible recipe for homemade custard, you can find that here.


Like sorbet, sherbet is made with fruit puree and sugar but also includes a scant amount of dairy- typically low-fat milk. Because it is only slightly creamy, sherbet is lighter in texture than traditional ice cream.


Frozen yogurt is made, as its title suggests, with a yogurt base for a creamy consistency and tangy flavor. It usually includes another form of low-fat dairy as well.


American ice cream- with which most of us are familiar, is made of milk and/or cream and sugar. It has a light, creamy consistency.

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