How To Work With Caramel: Videos

At Orson H. Gygi we believe in two things:

1. The holidays should be filled with caramel. 

2. Caramel should always be a sweet experience.

That is why we have created some simple video guides on the three basic essentials everyone should know when it comes to working with caramel.

  1. How To Melt Caramel
  2. How To Dip A Caramel Apple
  3. How To Color Caramel

So, let’s get you melting, dipping, dying, and most importantly, eating deliciously smooth caramel. Here is how to work with caramel:

How To Melt Caramel

How To Dip A Caramel Apple

How To Dye Caramel

We used Peter’s Caramel in all of these videos. It is our favorite caramel to work with and our favorite to eat! Let us know what else about caramel you would like to know. We are here to help your kitchen experience turn into family memories.

Also, remember that Gygi will be holding their caramel sale for the whole month of October. We want to help with you holiday memories and supply what you need to to get the family around the kitchen. Not to mention, caramel also makes great gifts that everyone will enjoy!

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