Burger Flavor Inspiration

Ahhh… it’s the best time of the year! Smoking grills, cold drinks, and fun times with family & friends. We know the go-to for any backyard barbeque is the classic burger. Burgers are great for a quick weeknight meal, parties, entertaining, and everything in between. Easily customizable, burgers are something that everyone loves. There’s nothing wrong with a classic burger topped with cheese, ketchup, and mustard. It’s delicious and a timeless classic. But… sometimes you’re craving a little bit more flavor from your burgers. Simple things, like elevating your sauces or trying out new vegetable toppings, don’t take much extra effort but can really transform your average burger into something special. Keep reading for some burger flavor inspiration!

Let’s look at each element of a burger:

The bun is just the beginning

Toasting your buns is the easiest way to elevate your burger! Throw your buns on the grill for the last few minutes of your burger’s cooking time, and you’ll get beautifully golden toasted buns! The crunch is great for texture. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try and make your own classic or brioche hamburger buns!

Protein Power!

There’s always the classic beef option, but there are so many other proteins too! We love a good chicken or pork burger. You can even make game meat burgers, too! Looking for a lighter or vegetarian-friendly option? Try portobello mushroom caps or black bean burgers. As long as it’s grilled, it’s good!

Gettin’ saucy

Sauces can really make or break a burger. Yes, mayo is great, but garlic aioli is excellent on a burger! You can even try different flavor profiles. Think teriyaki on a Hawaiian-inspired burger, or tzatziki with some Greek flavors. The possibilities are endless and sauces are one of the easiest ways to experiment with flavors.

Take it over the top with toppings

This is where you can really experiment with burger flavors! Lettuce, onions, cheese, tomatoes, and pickles are classic toppings but have you ever tried pineapple? (It’s life-changing!) Don’t be afraid to experiment with lots of different toppings. We’ve even heard of some people adding peanut butter with cucumber and cilantro for a Thai-inspired burger. We firmly believe there is no wrong way to top your burger, so follow your heart (or stomach!)

Craving a little bit more? Here are our tips for your best burger ever!

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