Homemade Ice Cream Machines

A creamy scoop of homemade ice cream will cure all your summertime blues. Check out our favorite homemade ice cream machines for your your ice cream fix.

Cuisinart 2 Quart Ice Cream Maker

This machine is a best seller for good reason. The simple mechanism produces reliable results time after time! Simply freeze the bowl insert 18-24 hours in advance, add your ice cream base, and in less than 30 minutes, you have creamy churned ice cream.

This machine has a generous size of 2 quarts, making enough for families or entertaining. The paddles are efficient with ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and frozen drinks, making it an extremely versatile machine.

Cuisinart Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker

The novelty of this machine adds to the function of the ice cream maker.  Using the basic principles of an ice cream machine (freezing the bowl prior to use), this machine takes things up a notch with the dispensing qualities. Pull the lever and add toppings to your cone at the same time!

The machine will make up to 1 1/2 quarts of soft serve ice cream with small topping added to it. Or you can remove the bowl and freeze for a couple additional hours for scoopable ice cream. So versatile!

Cuisinart Professional Compressor Ice Cream Machine

This is the machine for the true ice cream lover! The compressor in this machine allows you to make batch after batch after batch of ice cream. No need to use a frozen bowl insert! It makes 1 1/2 quarts in about 30 minutes!

You can’t beat the efficiency and usability of this machine, with the professional grade compressor.

Bosch Universal Mixer Ice Cream Insert

Turn your Bosch Universal Mixer into an ice cream machine with this bowl insert. Fill your mixing bowl with ice, insert your bowl, and you’re ready for batch after batch of churned ice cream!

KitchenAid Mixer Ice Cream Attachment

The KitchenAid Ice Cream Attachment makes an amazing homemade ice cream machine. It is a very popular purchase, as it is efficient and easy to use. Freeze your insert bowl, attach it to your stand mixer, and you’re ready to go. This bowl makes 1 1/2 quarts of creamy ice cream.

Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker

This little pan is revolutionizing homemade ice cream machines. Simply freeze the pan, add your ice cream base, and begin stirring. Ice cream will form right before your eyes.

Easily add your favorite toppings and mix it right into your churned ice cream. This pan makes  six 1/2 cup servings at a time! Perfect for a customized ice cream treat!

Which machine would you like to bring home? Shop here!

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