5 Chocolate Stock Photos That’ll Make You Smile


Chocolate is our favorite thing in the entire world. We wanted to share chocolate being a little funny with 5 chocolate stock photos that’ll make you smile – or maybe just ask, “Why?”


I guess using chocolate as shampoo is one way to use it. Because of the fat content in chocolate, we don’t ever recommend pouring large amounts of chocolate down the drain. Someone will need to hose her off.


This must be the first time this girl has ever tried chocolate. We imagine that she would have been the kid that fell into the chocolate river in Willa Wonka.


There was a surprisingly large amount of chocolate massaging going in adobe’s stock photos. Is this a thing? If so, we need to start calling up spas to sell our chocolate.


First of all, straight chocolate isn’t a great idea for baby food even if there are raisins. Secondly, that baby must be running a high fever in order to melt half the bar.

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