Upscale Molded Chocolate with John Neil

While this recipe for molded chocolate is so simple and easy, it does produce some amazingly beautiful and delicious results. John prefers to use polycarbonate chocolate molds similar to these to make his shells. For the decorations on the molded chocolates, John recommends using colored cocoa butter. You can determine the flavor based on the type of nut butter you choose. Another great thing about this recipe is you can make as much or as little as you want. Just be sure to keep a one-to-one ratio of nut butter and chocolate.

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Upscale Molded Chocolate with John Neil

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  • 500 grams chocolate
  • 500 grams preferred nut butter



Place your gold leaf or cocoa butter decoration in first.


Temper chocolate and fill your chocolate molds. Let the shell set and remove excess chocolate. Set the mold aside.


Bring chocolate and nut butter to 88-90 degrees. Combine chocolate and nut butter together and mix well.


Pour filling into your chocolate mold, cover with base chocolate and scrape excess, and allow time to set up.


Favorite Flavor Options: Hazelnut Pistachio (best with white chocolate and use Iranian Pistachios) Peanut butter Trader Joe’s cookie butter

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