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cinnamon chip crescent rolls

Cinnamon Chip Crescent Rolls

Looking for a quick and easy treat? These cinnamon chip crescent rolls would make a great addition to any breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu. Just grab your favorite can…

red velvet brownies

Red Velvet Brownies

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a basic brownie. They are the perfect little dessert if you are looking for something easy and delicious. But every once in a…

brownies from scratch

Brownies from Scratch

When working with cocoa powder, brownies are usually one of the first recipes to come to mind. Who doesn’t love warm, gooey, chocolate goodness straight from the oven? But…

chocolate box

Gygi Chocolate Box

While life may be like a box of chocolates, sometimes it is nice to know exactly what you are going to get. And that is what we were after…

coconut haystacks

Coconut Haystacks

This is a great recipe to throw together at the end of a chocolate making day when you have just a bit of tempered chocolate left over and don’t…