Meet the Gygi Team: Frank Ulibarri

Last week we met Darla, and so this week I thought we’d bring you yet another familiar face at Gygi’s: Meet Frank.

Frank is the Assistant Store Manager here at Gygi’s. And if you’ve ever come in to find something, chances are Frank was the one who found it.

Aside from all of the duties here, his favorite responsibility is helping customers.

“I enjoy working at Gygi’s with friends and family,” he says. (For those of you who don’t know, Darla is Frank’s younger sister.)

I asked Frank what some of his favorite products were and he just couldn’t decide.

“I have several products that I like… so I can’t name just one. I like the All-Clad stainless cookware. We use that a lot at home and it’s wonderful.”

When we passed the grills, he turned and said, “I’ll tell you what I don’t have that I want. A Weber BBQ Grill.”

“You don’t have a grill?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “I need one though. Maybe you can tell my wife to get me one for my birthday… ha!”

We continue walking through the store, “I do own some Wusthof knives,” he says as he reaches down to stock a shelf, “They are very well made knives. There’s not a better one out there.”

When I asked Frank what it was he likes to do when he wasn’t at Gygi’s, he told me, “I really enjoy barbequing. I like that and camping, fishing, gardening… anything to do with the outdoors. I also love cars and I raise tropical fish.”

Beside barbequing, he says that he enjoys baking in his spare time at home. “The Viking mixer is probably what my wife and I use the most at home. We use it to make cookies, cakes, bread, potatoes… you name it, we mix it. That and Wusthof knives. You can’t do anything in the kitchen without a good knife.”

Frank told me that the most enjoyable part of his job is being able to help customers. He said that being able to solve the questions that they have is so satisfying. “I love to be able to help customers find what will work out for their projects and events. I love putting a smile on their faces. All in all, I just enjoy helping people and working here at Gygi’s.”

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