Boxwood Clippings Post: Hollow Chocolate Eggs

Hi everyone, Sarah and Emily here from Boxwood Clippings! Growing up in England, we always had massive hollow chocolate Easter eggs filled with our favorite treats. We were thrilled to see large Easter egg molds at Gygi (HERE), and thought we had to give them a try for our baby girls!

We were thrilled with how easy and great our hollow chocolate eggs turned out!

Hollow Chocolate Eggs


Gygi has a large range of chocolate for all different baking needs. We used THIS chocolate, which tastes so delicious and can be melted without any tempering. As we are no chocolatiers, Gygi’s assistants were so amazing in helping us determine which chocolate was best for our project and even had us sample our choices…yum!

We melted 1 cup of chocolate and poured 1/2 c in the base of the two half egg molds. We swirled the chocolate around to fill the mold and then placed in the freezer for 5 minutes to set. We then repeated this process making a second layer of chocolate, this time really trying to get a thick layer around the edges of the egg.

After the second freeze the chocolate popped out of the mold really easily. We filled the egg with treats and then sealed the two halves by piping more melted chocolate along the seam using THESE handy piping bags.

Hollow Egg

At this point, we wished we were chocolatiers so we could pipe a pretty pattern and designs all over the egg, but as amateurs, we simply melted a little white chocolate (HERE), swirled it all over the egg, and tied a ribbon around the imperfect seam. We are more than happy with how they turned out!

Hollow Chocolate Easter Eggs

We are so thrilled to pass this fun tradition down to our babies, and truth is, they’re too little to eat this much chocolate this year, but their mamas are not!!

Thanks for having us Gygi!

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