Eight Tips for Grilling Greatness

By following these tips from Weber, you won’t go wrong. And neither will your dinner.

1. Plan Your Route

Direct, Indirect, or a little of both? Read the recipes and look for the instructions for setting up your grill. If you are using a recipe you find in a magazine or cookbook that doesn’t give this information, remember the 25 minute rule-of-thumb.

2. Don’t Rush It

Don’t try to shave off time by placing food on a grill that’s not quite ready, particularly a charcoal grill. Let charcoal burn until it has a light grey-ash coating (keep the vents open so the fire doesn’t go out). Make sure your gas grill has reached a temperature of at least 500 degrees F before starting to cook.

3. Forgo the Fork

Swing your spatula and twirl your tongs, but forgo the fork. you’ve probably seen people poking their meat with it–maybe you’ve done it, too. If so, please stop! It causes juices and flavor to escape and that can dry out your food.

4. Keep a Lid on It

Resist the urge to open the lide to check on your dinner every couple of minutes. Every time you lift the lid heat escapes, which means it will take longer to get dinner on the table.

5. Don’t Flip Out

Unless the recipe calls for it, only flip your food once.

6. Keep Control

You will control flare-ups, reduce cooking time, and get altogether better results if you grill with the lid down.

7. Easy on the Squeeze

Resist the urge to use your spatula to press down on foods such as burgers. You’ll squeeze out all of that wonderful flavor.

8. Moisturize

A light coating of oil will help brown your food evenly and keep it from sticking to the cooking grate. Always brush or spray oil on your food, not the cooking grate.


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*All of this information has been taken from the Weber Grills website.

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    Justin Knox
    March 2, 2016 at 8:44 am

    Thank you for the help. My wife bought me a small weber grill for my birthday and I am trying to educate myself on using it effectively. I had not realized that grilling with the lid down helps control the cooking process so well. Is that true for anything that you would typically cook on a grill?

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