The Art of Accessorizing Your Grill

Our Grilling Gala is in 2 days! (I hope you’re coming…) Since we’ve been talking grill for the last little while, it’s probably time that we talk about accessorizing, and I don’t mean hats and scarves…

Just as we all accessorize a little differently in life, each of us will accessorize our grill differently. Today I’m going to show you 10 grill accessories that we think are pretty amazing! (Note: they are in no particular order)


Yes, I know you must be thinking why on earth I would put a dishcloth on the grill accessories list. But why not? You have dishcloths for your kitchen, right? Why not for your kitchen outside?

Meat Thermometer

We listed this in our Three T’s of Grilling post. So yeah, it’s that important. If you headed the advice, then you already have a thermometer to help you determine when your meat will be done.

Grill Brush

One of the things that I love about grilling is how easy the clean up is. All you have to do is burn off the residue left behind from grilling and brush it off. A good long-handled, heavy bristle brush will get the job done in no time.

Gourmet BBQ System Wok

Yes, there really is such a thing! Now you can enjoy making even more delicious meals on the grill. From stir fry to bruschetta–now you’ve got a new way to wok!

Magnetic Timer

Again, this one is part of the Three T’s. But it does make grilling so much easier and it’s safe to say that you may never get overdone meat again.

Weber Style BBQ Saucing System

Weber’s great design of the saucing system allows residual sauces to drip back into the cup and not on your counter, making glazing, rubbing and saucing up your meat so much easier.

Weber Style BBQ Vegetable Basket

Adding chopped vegetables to your grilled dish is a cinch with Weber’s vegetable basket. In fact, this is one of Tim’s favorite grilling accessories.

Bodum Fyrkat Grill Spatula

We all know the fun of grilling is playing with the toys. So get some good ones! This spatula is made of stainless steel and heat-resistant silicone, so it keeps you safe while playing.

Bodum Fyrkat Meat Fork

If you are grilling, most likely it’s meat. So you’ll need a meat fork. And if you are getting the , then you might as well get the meat fork to match. (We’re accessorizing, right?)

Grill’n BBQ Tongs

Last, but definitely not least: tongs. What good is grilling if you don’t have a nice pair of tongs to take the meat from the grill to your plate? These long-handled tongs keep your hands safe from the heat of the grill (not to mention the sleek look). Tongs are a grill master’s best friend. So say hello to your new BFF.

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