The Three T’s of Grilling

Grilling season is upon us and so is Gygi’s Grilling Gala. In all the excitement that comes with the Gala, we thought we’d share some grilling tips. If you own a grill, there are thee things that you absolutely must have:

1. Thermometer:

A thermometer is a must! Without it how will you know when the meat is cooked? An instant-read thermometer is best, they can give you an accurate reading within .07 seconds- and are easy to clean and use. As much as we love the digital infrared thermometer, stay away from it when it comes to grilling. It only reads the surface temperature, not the internal temperature, which is what you want for meat.

2. Timer

Like a thermometer, a timer will help make your work easier. It will keep the guessing game out of grilling and help you not cross the line from done to over-done… I think we’ve all been there. I

3. Tongs

A nice long-handled set of tongs really come in handy when dealing with a hot grilling surface. I really like this pair of tongs. They are 16″ long, simple and so easy to clean- plus they are only $3.50!

So that’s it. If you’ve got a grill and the three T’s, you’re ready to get going!

Want more Grilling Info? Check out the Gygi Guide to grilling. 

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