Dirty Cokes Flavoring Syrups and Soda’s

One of the items that we literally have not been able to keep on the shelves is our Stasero Flavoring Syrups. This is due to the Dirty Coke and Dirty Dr. Pepper craze. After we kept running out of the coconut and sugar-free coconut, I had to see what all the noise was about. I was pleasantly surprised. The flavoring syrups add a huge boost to your drink of choice. Here is a list of combinations that we found to be delightful:

  • Diet Coke and Sugar-Free Coconut
  • Coke and Coconut
  • Dr. Pepper and Coconut
  • Mountain Dew and Mango
  • Sprite and Mango
  • Sprite and Peach

The options are endless!! Stop by today or visit us online to see our Flavoring Syrups selection.

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