Last Minute Party Ideas

We are all guilty of throwing that last minute party every year. Whether it’s a birthday party, celebratory party, or even Halloween party, we find ourselves scrambling to find quick fixes in the eleventh hour. Well, we put together some quick and easy last minute party ideas that can be altered for any theme any time of year and they only take minutes to prepare.

Our first last-minute idea is so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before. Chocolate dipped marshmallows are simple, delicious, and an easy finger food that doesn’t cause a mess. They are also created in three easy steps: dip, decorate, and cool. Bamboo skewers make great handles for your mallow treat and come in 6″, 8″, and 10″ lengths. Remember to place all your marshmallows onto their skewers first for easy dipping.

We used Guittard Orange Apeels for our Halloween party, however, the best part about using colored chocolate are the options that come with each color. Use red and green for Christmas, pink for Valentines Day, and red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July.

Decorate your covered mallow when the chocolate is still warm with an array of sprinkles to enhance your mallow. Using sprinkles also eludes to the idea that these easy treats took you a lot longer than they actually did.

Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas

Use simple edible decorations to your advantage, for example, placing candy eyes onto your average party desserts not only entertained the kids but really liven up the treat table.

Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas

Our last piece of advice to you for a last minute party idea is to really utilize colored chocolate. You can dip almost anything into chocolate and it will only make it taste sweeter, look pleasing, and revive mundane sweets.

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