Star Wars Party by Bridgey Widgey

Hi, my name is Bridget and I blog over at Bridgey Widgey where I blog about parties, crafts, and my family. I specialize in children’s parties because I love a good theme, and let’s face it, I am a kid at heart!
Orson Gygi is always my go to stop for party supplies. NO Bridgey Widgey party is complete without gumballs from Gygi. I love to trim my cakes with gumballs because the kids love to pick them off, but mainly because it gives my cakes a nice clean finish and trim. Any cake will look more polished with a nice trim of gumballs!


With my parties I am all about the details and special touches. I understand most little 4 year olds won’t understand or care, but I do and I can’t help myself. Here are some of the small details that made my main table display come to life:
Yoda Soda was created using supplies from Orson Gygi. I dipped plastic cups in Wilton’s green melting chocolate and then quickly dipped the cups into a shallow dish of green sprinkles. I repeated this twice to get the coverage I wanted of sprinkles. Top with a cute paper straw and you have a nice personal touch to your party. It is all about the details!!
Next are my Wookie cookies. I created these with grasshopper cookies, black sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, and white frosting. I melted some Wilton melting chocolate and with a tooth pick drew lines to create “fur” like lines to create his face. They turned out cute I think, or at least the two girls at the party who didn’t know a thing about Star Wars thought these “critters” were cute.
At my son’s party I created a bunch of Jedi training stations they had to complete. One of the stations was to build a fighter ship. I used white boxes from Gygi to place individual legos in each box so with their imagination they could create a ship. At the end of the party each guest was able to take home their box full of legos.
The highlight of the party was taking down Darth Vader.
To see more of this party along with tutorials come check it out on my blog HERE


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