How To Avoid Getting Lumpy Chocolate

It’s exciting and can be very rewarding to play chocolatier in your home, but sometimes you can run into some dreadful obstacles. If you have experienced lumpy chocolate, then you know how frustrating it can be to work with. Let us make your life easier with this 1 minute video about lumpy chocolate. For more information about working with chocolate, please visit our YouTube page.

Tips on how to avoid lumpy chocolate:

#1 Avoid Water

  • When adding coloring or flavoring to your chocolate, double check that it is not water-based. Use oil-based colorings to avoid lumpy chocolate
  • When melting your chocolate using the double broiler method make sure to not let any steam touch your chocolate.
  • If you seized your chocolate with water, consider turning it into a ganache.

#2 Avoid Burning

  • When you’re melting your chocolate and you notice it is starting to form lumps, this means your chocolate could be burning.
  • Remember to always melt your chocolate on half power in 1 minute increments and stir after each increment when using the microwave.
  • Also check to see what kind of chocolate you’re melting. Chocolate is designed to perform specific functions, so make sure you picked out the correct chocolate to melt. 

How to avoid getting lumpy chocolate

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