Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot Chocolate Bar

What’s a better party idea than having a hot chocolate bar? Almost nothing. Hot chocolate bars are delicious, full of variety, and they warm your guests from the inside. We came up with the perfect assortment and combinations for the perfect hot chocolate bar for your next party.

Start with the classic marshmallow. Every cup of hot chocolate looks better and tastes better with a puffy marshmallow in the mug. We dipped our marshmallows into dark chocolate, sea salt caramel, and white chocolate for a bit of sweetness and extra flavor. Allow your guests to pick the dipped marshmallow of their choice by using adorable gold plated sugar tongs.

Hot chocolate bar ideas

We also placed an array of Stasero’s delicious flavored syrups in easy-to-pour jars (olive oil dispensers work great) for our guests to flavor their hot chocolate as they liked.

Hot chocolate bar ideas

Every hot chocolate bar needs something yummy to dip and stir in your hot chocolate. We decided to use homemade biscotti and Peter’s caramel for our hot chocolate accessories. The homemade chocolate dipped biscotti was purposefully dipped vertically to allow the hot chocolate to soak up in each bite of this crispy cookie.

We then cut bite sized pieces from a Peter’s caramel loaf and used bamboo skewers to stick in them. Our caramel bites melted into our hot chocolate giving our drinks that smoothness only caramel can add.

The great part about cutting your own caramel bites is the customization that it allows. You can make your bites however big or small you wish.


We also added candy canes, which we dipped in white chocolate, dark chocolate, and cinnamon sticks for that extra holiday flair. If you’re looking for a great way to display your cinnamon sticks, try using a veggie holder that can display them with class.

Hot chocolate bar ideas

Last but not least, we placed dishes of sanding sugar, ground cinnamon, and peanut butter chips, out to allow our guests to have even more options on how they want to flavor their hot chocolate!

Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas

For yummy homemade hot chocolate recipes click here.


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